EXCLUSIVE: Hear the Sounds of 17 Artists Who Will Dominate in 2017

This is the music of the Latinx rebel yellers — the millennials who never took “no” for an answer, the ones who created magic from right where they were and left their critics suddenly unpretentious. Whether they began in the gritty city of neon and chrome, under the scorching heat of southern sunshine or reached for stardom from their meek island — they represent the luxe sounds of the future. These are the mesmeric soon-to-be mainstays who contribute sonically and push our culture forward. 

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Bianca Mercado,

Bianca Alysse Mercado is a creatively driven millennial, with ink covered hands and headphones blaring. Prior to Latina, she worked alongside some of the most ingenious entertainment moguls at Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. You can find her in NYC, admiring all the beautiful things most people overlook. 

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