The 10 Best Movie Soundtrack Songs!

Let's face it: a movie is only as good as its soundtrack. Horror movies? Only half as terrifying without the creepy melodies. Romance films? Most are barely memorable without an iconic song to accompany them. 

From Demi Lovato on Disney's Frozen to  Christina Aguilera on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, here are 10 of the best movie soundtrack songs featuring some of our favorite Latinas:

1. Soundtrack -- Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera: Mulan

Catching Fire
isn’t the first film Christina Aguilera has lent her vocals to. The pop star belted the iconic song “Reflection” for the 1998 release of Disney’s Mulan. The song, the scene, and the movie are now unforgettable pieces of film history. 

2. Soundtrack -- Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey: The Prince of Egypt 

Mariah Carey teamed up with fellow diva Whitney Houston to sing one of the most memorable movie themes of all time. Their beautiful and haunting rendition of “When You Believe” from The Prince of Egypt gives us chills every time we listen. 

3. Soundtrack -- Shakira

Shakira: Love In The Time of Cholera 

Shakira’s beautiful Spanish-ballad “Hay Amores” perfectly suits the sensual longing displayed by the lovers in the film. The song and movie are perfect for a romantic night-in. 

4. Soundtrack -- Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato: Camp Rock 

Demi Lovato first impressed the world with her talent on the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. Her jam “This is Me” is an anthem for young adults everywhere and spreads the message of embracing your individuality! Great advice, Demi! 

5. Soundtrack -- JLO

Jennifer Lopez: Enough

“Alive” isn’t a typical JLO song -- it's not a catchy dance song or a pop tune. However, the chilling ballad perfectly mirrors the strength Jennifer shows throughout Enough. 

6. Soundtrack -- Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan: Music Of The Heart

Cuban singer Gloria Estefan teamed up with boy band N’Sync to create one of the most iconic and inspirational movie songs of all time. “Music Of My Heart” is a heartwarming shout-out to the heroes and role models who helped them succeed. 

7. Soundtrack -- Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez: Another Cinderella Story

Selena Gomez first impressed us with her singer chops when she starred in the movie Another Cinderella Story. Her song “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” was one of the catchiest pop songs of 2009, and solidified Gomez as the next teen superstar. 

8. Soundtrack -- Thalia

Thalia: Anastasia

We know what you’re thinking: Thalia recorded a song for Anastasia?!  Yes! The Queen of Latin Pop recorded a Spanish version of “Once Upon A December” for the animated classic about the Russian Grand Duchess. Check it out -- we like it better than the English version: