Here's How Beyonce Inspired Juanes (Because She's Amazing!)

How was Beyonce Involved in Juanes' Latest Album?
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Juanes is a huge Beyonce fan. 

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The singer spoke to E! News about how the diva inspired him to create his upcoming visual album Mis Planes Son Amarte

"Yes, definitely some Anglo artists inspired me a lot. When we were doing the album, we thought the way that they presented their albums last year, like Frank Ocean and Beyoncé was a really good idea. And for the Latin world, this is going to be the first time that we release an album like this," he said. "So we're very excited. Once we finished the songs, which is what is most important, we felt so inspired to do more and just to find different ways to present the music for the fans."

Juanes also used a fellow Latinx star in his new music video for his single "Fuego." The Colombiano star featured Joan Smalls as the model in the video and we couldn't have picked a better person. 

"That came about in Mexico City, we were recording and shooting, and the director from Mexico was close to Joan Smalls. So we invited her, and she accepted our invitation. She was in Paris for a modeling thing, and she flew to Mexico. She's a super nice girl," the 44-year-old musician explained. "Yes, you'll see her a couple of times more because there is a storyline and she's in some parts of the movie." 

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We can't wait to see the album and find out if Bey approves.