A Capella Lovers Rejoice! Pentatonix Covered 'Havana' and Even Camila Cabello Approves


This Texas-based a capella group is gifted with vocals and melody, and they recently took on Camilla Cabello's single, "Havana", from her latest album, CAMILA.

Pentatonix consists of 5 members who harmonize together and have been attracting a huge following in the music industry lately. Mitch Grassi, Scott HoyingKirstin Maldonado, Matt Sallee, and Kevin Olusola, recorded the cover for the hit song in a living room set. Pentatonix has over 13 million subscribers and ranks 50th most-subscribed-to YouTube channel and we can see why! 

Camila Cabello, who was performed in a capella many times before with her former group, Fifth Harmony appreciated the cover. She tweeted out in support of the cover just hours after it was released.

The single has been on top of the charts since it dropped in January. The Cuban-Ameircan singer is currently touring her "Never be the Same" tour all over the globe and we can't wait to see more of her performances for Havana but in the meantime listen to this great rendition of it.

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Watch the full video above.