Christina Aguilera on Her New Album, Shakira, and "A Proud Moment for All Latinos" (EXCLUSIVE)

We had A LOT of questions for Christina Aguilera  from her new album Lotus (which drops today!) to her recent performance during the Hurricane Sandy telethon, and the current season of The Voice, which is hotter than ever!  so we emailed the Ecuadorean superstar a few questions and she kindly answered them all. Check out the Q & A below!

What can fans expect from your new album, Lotus?

This album is really an ode to my fans, my unbreakable followers. Unlike my other albums, there is no common “theme,” instead I included songs that felt good and that felt right. There are some great upbeat dance tracks and also some really personal ballads.

You gave a remarkable performance at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert. We know you were born in Staten Island. Do you still have family in there? Were they affected?

Thankfully all of my family was safe, but honestly I was there as someone who was born in Staten Island and someone who has so much respect for the people on the East coast. They have been through so much but they are fighters and it was important to me for everyone to know we are all there for them. Some people still don’t have power and others have lost homes. We need to do all we can to support these families.

What are your favorite things to do while in NYC?

New York is a great city to do things at night. They have amazing clubs, theater and dinner spots. I love the vibe of New York

How do you think Shakira will do as a coach on The Voice?

She is such a talented artist who has been doing this for so long. I know she will be a great coach with wonderful insight.

If a show like The Voice were around when you were starting out, would you have entered? 

Star Search was similar to what these shows are now, but sure, when you are just starting, anything and everything you can do, you should. It takes a fighter to make it in this business and that’s why being a coach is so important to me—to be a part of these artists’ journeys is so important.

What’s been one of the best moments on The Voice this season?

I was so proud last week to see a fellow Latino on the show, Julio Cesar Castillo, really embrace his roots and perform all in Spanish [he performed the mariachi classic, “El Rey”]. It was a risk but it totally paid off and it was a proud moment for all of us Latinos.