EXCLUSIVE: Karen Rodriguez Talks Girl Power, the #MeToo Campaign, and Her Music


Roc Nation Latin artist, Karen Rodriguez, has a new song out "No Me Verás Llorar" that's all about being in control and not feeling sorry for yourself. After chatting with the Miami-born star, it's obvious the message carried out in this song and touches on the woman movement. Check out the video above!

“No Me Verás Llorar” has girl power written all over it, were those your intentions?

Yea! It’s about a girl that breaks up with her boyfriend and instead of staying home, watching sad movies, and eating ice cream, she goes out with her friends for a night out on the town and has a great time. The message is very empowering to women and it’s also a fun song.

When it comes to relationships, do you think men tend to like a stronger woman?

We are in an age where women are getting more comfortable in their own skin and are taking the reigns in becoming these amazing powerful influences, which is great, especially for Latinas. I think men are attracted to that. When I’m on stage. I feel so empowered as if I can do anything and there’s also something sexy about someone having the confidence, strength, and power to do what makes them happy at all costs.

Speaking of empowerment, there’s a big viral social campaign, the #MeToo campaign, that is meant to denounce sexual assault and harassment in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein. The campaign encourages women to post on social media to publicize their experiences to demonstrate the widespread nature of the misogynistic behavior. What are your thoughts on it?

Luckily, it has never happened to me in my work environment because I had my mom with me at all times growing up. Having my mom around was so important because she was able to teach me the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Once I got older I had enough confidence to know what to do and how to respond if I ever felt uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I know there are a lot of women that can’t say the same and it’s tragic. It’s great that these women are sharing their stories because it inspires others who may be scared to speak up. However, when it comes to the streets of NY, I’ve for sure experienced it.

Would you say something back or keep your head down and walk away?

I would say something! It was gross. I was a young girl and you have all these other young girls at ages, as early as 8 or 10-years-old, having these men looking at them, it’s not right. At first, you’re scared and uncomfortable and then you just don’t want to deal with it, so you say something. You have a voice and you have to use it, even if it's just to say something snarky. Sometimes when you don’t say anything it gives them the feeling that it’s ok. I stand behind the women that are coming out and sharing their story, especially Latinas that I’m sure many of us that have experienced this behavior because of the stereotypes and it’s awful. That why it’s great to have more powerful Latinas coming on and being visible. That’s why it’s important for me to make songs that give women a bit of strength, so they can go about their day and feel better about themselves.