From Fat Joe to Shakira: 6 Dramatic Musical Makeovers

Catch a glimpse of Fat Joe these days and you might do a double take. The heavy-set Puerto Rican MC is sporting a much slimmer frame after dropping an astonishing 88 pounds (the old-fashioned way, with diet and exercise!). Joe credits fatherhood with motivating him to drop his surplus lbs. "Like, seven of my friends passed last year from heart attacks, and they were all 32, 34 years old," he told the New York Daily News. " And I said, 'I got kids, I can't leave 'em like that.'"

Joe's transformation inspired us to make a list of some of Latin music's other extreme makeovers:

1. Musical Makeovers: Fat Joe

2. Musical Makeovers: Shakira


If you've ever wondered whether blondes actually do have more fun, look at Shakira. The Colombian pop star had a career explosion around the same time she went from mousy brown to bombshell blonde. Still, we must say after ten years as a rubia we're excited to see Shaki shake it up in her new video for "Rabiosa"--and she still looks like she's having plenty of fun.

3. Musical Makeovers: Juanes


Colombian balladeer Juanes looks delicious sporting a clean cut look, but we'll admit our hearts broke a little when he chopped off his long, thick mane. We only wish we could have saved a lock of it for ourselves.

4. Musical Makeovers: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Much has been made of Jennifer Lopez's amazing post-baby body and unnaturally youthful look (seriously, how does she look younger now than she did when she was twenty?), but we still can't get over her initial, system-shocking transformation from fly girl to pop royalty. Its amazing what honey-blonde highlights can do.

5. Musical Makeovers: Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

To mole or not to mole, that was the question. And for Enrique, the answer was "blast it off." In 2003, the studly Spaniard shocked his fans and the media by having his beauty mark surgically removed. It was a major gamble, but losing his trademark feature doesn't seemed to have slowed down Enrique's career one bit.

6. Musical Makeovers: Gerardo Mejia

Gerardo Mejia

Without his signature bandana, washboard abs and hair extensions, we could barely recognize Gerardo Mejia, aka, Mr. Rico Suave. While most of his fellow 80s-era one-hit wonders have faded into oblivion (or rehab), Gerardo reinvented himself as a record executive. His time in the limelight sure taught him to spot talent—he discovered Enrique Iglesias and turned him into a mainstream sensation!

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