Fifth Harmony Reveal Their Holiday Playlist!

Fifth Harmony know a thing or two about music. The girl group has been making their way on playlists around the country–and now, they're sharing their playlist with us! The holidays are here, so that means we're tuning into our favorite carols and holiday songs. Here are Fifth Harmony's picks for favorite holiday tunes:

1. 5h slide 01 Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello:

Song: The Christmas Song
Artist: Nat King Cole
“The Christmas song is my favorite because it's melodically unexpected and warm. The lyrics are so detailed and you can see Christmas as you listen to it.”
Song: Mistletoe
Artist: Justin Bieber 
“It's giving a new spin on the production of Christmas songs, it's got a Jason Mraz feel to it, but it has all the necessary Christmas bells. I love that it's a modern contemporary Christmas song and I like its flirty appeal. Go Bieber!”

2. 5h slide 02 dinah

Dinah Jane Hansen:

Song: Silent Night
Artist: Tamar Braxton
“Every Christmas, Silent Night was my go to song with my family and it just reminds me of how beautiful this holiday is. It brings so much joy to me.”
Song: All I Want For Christmas
Artist: Mariah Carey
“All I Want for Christmas is just so fun to jam to during the holidays! It makes me so happy and it’s so fun to just imitate Mariah Carey with her whistle notes.”

3. 5h slide 03 ally

Ally Brooke Hernandez:

Song: Believe
Artist: Josh Groban
“Believe is a song that has played during very special Christmas moments of my life. One year it happened to play while it snowed outside in San Antonio. It was the first time it snowed in years. Another time it played after I had visited children in the hospitals during a very emotional visit. Another Christmas it played after I reunited with my family after a long time without seeing them. I also love its message of's so beautiful.”
Song: The Christmas Song
Artist: Nat King Cole
“The Christmas song always makes me feel the Christmas spirit. It makes me feel the warmth of the holidays. I know it's Christmas when that song plays!”

4. 5h slide 04 lauren

Lauren Jauregui:

Song: Baby It's Cold Outside
Artist: Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer
“I love the old school vibe of ‘Baby It's Cold Outside’–classic voices are my favorite.”
Song: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Artist: Christina Aguilera
“That's all I listen to during Christmas time with my family while we decorate our Christmas tree!”

5. 5h slide 05 normani

Normani Kordei Hamilton:

Song: All I Want For Christmas
Artist: Mariah Carey 
“My family and I kind of start the Christmas holiday in November. It's our absolute favorite holiday and every year we open our presents to Christmas music and ever since I was a little girl I would always play this song first! One of the first covers that's I did on YouTube was actually this song!”
Song: The Christmas Song
Artist: Nat King Cole 
“When I hear this song I just feel so warm and anything that i had been worrying about kind of melts away. This song gives me peace and reminds me of family and joy. It represents kids all ages from 1 to 92, which makes me think of my baby cousin and my great grandmother. It's so classic and I admire Nat King Cole's voice. I sing this song every year on Christmas Eve for the homeless. I LOVE IT.”