Hot New Star of the Week: Cuban American 'Gangsta' Singer-Songwriter Kat Dahlia

Be excited. Be very excited for singer-songwriter Kat Dahlia. The 22-year-old Cuban American newcomer has been blowing up the music blogosphere lately with her raw, raspy, and infectious single, "Gangsta." Born and raised in Miami, Dahlia's dark, R&B-influenced jam is an ode to the struggles her family faced while she was growing up.

"No, I ain't stuntin' like my daddy / He's living with my grammy / Used to be a big baller / He's surviving off of gambling / But I love him, he's my daddy / Yeah, I love him, he's my daddy / Put him in a big house before I ever see a Grammy / And my mami started working days at the church / Finding faith in God cause the real world hurts," she flows on the track.

"I think that 'Gangsta' was definitely therapeutic," Dahlia told MTV News. "I was definitely going through a lot at the time. I'm not embarrassed about it at all. I'm an open person generally. I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve and I don't have a problem doing that. Honesty is always the best way to go."

Signed to 39-year music industry veteran Sylvia Rhone's new music/television/fashion/art record company Vested in Culture (an Epic Records joint venture), Dahlia has the sound of British hip-hop artist Ms. Dynamite and a swag reminiscent of M.I.A. Translation: new girl crush!

We can't wait to for her debut album to drop in July. Dahlia says to expect a mix of "Gangsta" with some whole other stuff. In the meantime, soak up some of this exclusive Latina interview action and check out Dahlia's official "Gangsta" video, which dropped today.


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