Korean Idol Taemin Lee Shows Off Impressive Spanish in 'Despacito' Cover


Korean singer and SHINEE boyband member Taemin Lee, who also goes by a mononym, recently appeared at Music Bank festival in Chile, a Korean pop festival that stopped in Latin America. 

During his stage, Taemin shocked Chile and pretty much the rest of the Spanish speaking world with his flawless cover of 'Despacito,' the song that took over airwaves by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Although there is no official video from the Music Bank festival, this fan-cam started all the hype.

*Spoiler Alert* He knows the lyrics better than Justin Bieber did.

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Taemin, who is affectionately called the Korean Michael Jackson because of his similar dance style, is a ten year veteran of the music industry and he's only 24 years old. He hadn't shown any sign of speaking the language until now but we hope that this is a sign that he's open to exploring Latinx influences. Maybe collaborations with Hispanic artists?