Music Roundup: RBD Scores a Whopping 23 Nominations for Premios Juventud

RBD Could Win 23 Premios Juventud. Seriously.

With cheeky categories like ‘Me Muero sin ese CD’(‘I’d die without this CD’) and ‘Mi Concierto Favorito’ (‘My Favorite Concert’), Premios Juventud are the coolest Spanish-language awards show, hands down. Like MTV’s Video Music Awards, they know it’s best not to take themselves too seriously! This year’s environmentally friendly ceremony will go down on July 17 on Univision, and a bunch of top artists already have cause to celebrate but none more than RBD, who racked up an astounding 23 nominations. The Mexican teen popsters are up for every award from ‘Imagen y Moda” to ‘Voz del Momento’ and are bound to dominate the show. Other leading nominees? Thankfully not Juan Luis Guerra—we love him, but even he could probably use a break from his own omnipresence at these award shows. Daddy Yankee’s got six nominations, including one for ‘Mi Artista Urbano Favorito,’ and Panamanian reggaetonero Flex (we prefer not to utter the name he goes by off U.S. shores) is up for four awards, including one for ‘La Mas Pegajosa.’ Since his hit “Te Quiero” is inescapable these days, he’s a virtual shoo-in for that award. Stay tune for more Premios coverage as the show approaches!

American Idol Hopeful Jason Castro's Famous Last Words—'I'm Ready to Go Home'

Once perennial Idol punching bags Carly Smithson and Brooke White were eliminated, it became Jason Castro's turn to feel the heat. After getting skewered the past two weeks by the judges (last week, the criticism came from loopy Paula Abdul even before he’d had a chance to perform), it seems that the dreadlocked colombiano’s heart just isn’t in the competition anymore. Entertainment Weekly reports that the day before Castro performed his Neil Diamond tunes, he admitted that he won’t be devastated if things don’t work out for him on the show. "What happens happens. I'll sing and if people like it, they like it. And if they don't, they don't. I'm kind of ready to go home." Wow. What do you think—is Castro being ungrateful, or are his comments a breath of fresh air? After all, winning American Idol isn’t the guaranteed career-starter it used to be. Maybe he’s better off getting eliminated!

Julieta Venegas Will Rock You!

At the LAMC, that is. That’s right, the Latin Alternative Music Conference, where radio-unfriendly (i.e. awesome) Latin music finally gets some love, has announced its lineup for this year’s gathering, which will take place in New York City from July 8-12 . Mexican pop-rockera Julieta Venegas will headline a free SummerStage concert on the closing day of the conference (Café Tacuba rocked this performer spot last year), and other headliners include the hipsterish Brazilian Girls, the Chilean DJ Bitman and one chica who’s likely to inherit Julieta’s crown soon, Ximena Sariana. Visit for a full lineup and ticket info, and get ready to rock.

--Monica Herrera