PvD Goes Cuban

German producer/DJ/dance music artist Paul Van Dyk, universally known as PvD,
is back with a new album, In Between, out now. Renowned for his
innovative trance sound, the globetrotting PvD, who this year alone remixed
tracks for both Depeche Mode-"Martyr" and Justin Timberlake-"What Goes Around",
picked Cuba as his inspiration and set it as the breathtaking backdrop for all
the album's artwork. The result? A PvD you've never seen before-one who sips
Mojitos, smokes Cohibas, and rocks Guayaberas. We have to confess, we're loving
it! And it doesn't hurt that he's looking kind of Jude Law-ish these days...

"I've always been a fan of the movie Buena Vista Social Club," he
says. "When I finally got to visit Cuba last year for the first time, I felt so
deeply inspired by its atmosphere and the people, that I wanted to capture some
of this feeling with me. This album is very different from what I've done in the

And different it is, in the sense that it's got a decidedly pop sound as
opposed to the harder music he's put out in the past. Proof of that is the
album's lead single, "White Lies," which features Jessica Sutta of the Pussycat
Dolls. Other notable collabos include David Byrne of the Talking Heads, Ashley
Tomberlin from Luminary, and Lo fi Sugar.