'The King Stays King:' Romeo Santos’ 5 Hottest Music Videos!

As the bachatero’s latest album, The King Stays King, drops today, we look back at the best clips from his solo career!

1. Romeo Santos: La Diabla

“La Diabla/Mi Santa” feat. Tomatito

The undone bowtie, the playing cards as a metaphor to playing for love, the sultry sex scenes, and, yes, a horse…Romeo stays true to his namesake. PS: This is a Romeo list and not an Aventura list…if it was it would be much, much longer.

2. Romeo Santos: Promise

“Promise” feat. Usher

Granted the interchange between Romeo and R&B kingpin is kind of corny, we’ll excuse it because their musical collaboration trumps everything. Plus, who else but the King of Bachata can get Usher to sing over a bachata beat?

3. Romeo Santos: You


Romeo shares steamy love scenes with Meadow Soprano (Jamie Lynn Sigler) in this bilingual banger. Also, check the vanity plates—D’King! Ha! 

4. Romeo Santos: Rival

“Rival” feat. Mario Domm

Mexican pop singer Domm matches Romeo’s falsetto on this dramatic love story of a video. Plus, peep Romeo’s sweater vest minus shirt. Thank him later. 

5. Romeo Santos: Llevame Contigo

“Llevame Contigo”

If you’ve never been to a Romeo concert at the World’s Most Famous Arena, then we’re terribly sorry. You’re missing perhaps the best performance by the prominent Latino musician of his time. Take a look and indulge. Remember to pick up Romeo’s live concert CD/DVD, The King Stays King: Sold Out at Madison Square Garden, out today!