WATCH: Behind the Scenes with Selena Gomez on "We Own the Night" Tour

Selena Gomez kicked off her very first headlining solo tour, We Own the Night, this past weekend and hot shot videographer Alfredo Flores was there to document the whole thing! He shared an adorable backstage video of Selena getting ready for her first concert in Boca Raton, Florida and it shows the former Disney pop star prepping at sound check, hanging with fans and thanking everyone from her parents to her band before she goes on to rock the stage. Oh, and there might be a little gentleman by the name of Justin Bieber hanging on her every word (wink, wink).

Twitter, We Heard You: Introducing Alfredo Flores

But Selena may not be married to living the life of a musician. When E! News recently caught up with Gomez backstage at her tour, she admitted that she probably won't be able to sustain living the life of a rock star and a Hollywood actress forever. “I think I’m tackling a bunch of different things because I’m dabbling in a bunch of different areas that I really enjoy,” Gomez told Michael Yo. “I think eventually I’m going to have everything slow down and stick to one thing.”

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So which career would she pick? “Probably acting,” Selena says. As long as you stay in the spotlight chica! Also, Selena has apparently designed all of her on-stage outfits with her stylist. Is there anything this chica doesn't do?!