Commentary: Would a Nude Scene Further Selena Gomez's Career?

Do I think Selena Gomez should keep her clothes on forever and always? Of course not. But getting naked for the sake of showing off her tatas just to prove she's no longer a child is trite, expected, and reeks of desperation. Do I blame Gomez for going from G-rated to possibly R-rated in under 30 seconds? Nope. Nor do I blame her predecessors or those who will follow in Gomez's footsteps. If I did, I may as well blame my kid for only choosing sugary foods when the only option available was between a hot fudge brownie sundae and a chocolate chip cookie.

Just like every pregnant Hollywood mom is expected to appear on magazine covers in a bikini six weeks after giving birth and the only surprise is if Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers wins the bidding war, we already know it's going to happen. The only question is when.

The boys will buy the movie tickets and sales will be mediocre. The girls who were once her fans will criticize her for selling out and setting a bad example. And media outlets will rip through claims of "artistic expression" and get straight to the jeers and calling her bluff on the desperation scale.

Gomez can sing. And she can act. She shouldn't have to bare it all to prove to anyone she can do what she has been doing all along.

But the rumors are flying. So we wait.

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