Daily Chisme: Sofia Vergara's Salary Demands Turn Ugly

Happy Wednesday, chisme lovers! Get your daily dose of gossip right now:

- Remember how Sofia Vergara and the rest of the Modern Family cast were demanding more money per episode? Well, things are getting a bit ugly. Us Weekly is reporting that Sofia and the cast are now suing 20th Century Fox Television over contract renegotiations which they are saying is illegal under California law. Do you think this could mean the end for Modern Family?

- Demi Lovato seems to be rubbing a few people over at the X Factor the wrong way. According to the AP, Simon Cowell has said that while "there's something really likeable" about Demi, she's "a brat."

- The days just keep getting better for Mariah Carey. She's heading over to American Idol to replace Jennifer Lopez (and even got J.Lo's blessing), and now Yahoo's announced that Mariah will be dropping a new single in August titled "Triumphant."

Watch Demi Lovato performing her single "Give Your Heart a Break" below: