Is Callie Going to Die on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Sara Ramirez's character Callie Torres has emerged as a fan favorite this season on ABC's hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy, but could her days on the show be numbered? has obtained key plot details from this week's highly anticipated musical episode of Grey's, which executive producer Shonda Rhimes is calling "Callie-heavy" — and things don't sound good for our favorite orthopedic surgeon. 

The last time we saw Callie (Ramirez) at the close of the March 24th episode, she was moments away from flying through the windshield of Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) car after removing her seatbelt to retrieve a cell phone from the back seat. This week's new episode will pick up right where that episode left off, with a bloody and bruised Callie lying lifeless on the hood of Arizona's car. 

"Callie's injuries are so catastrophic," Grey's star Chyler Leigh tells TVGuide, adding that Callie's injuries are comparable to George O'Malley's (T.R. Knight) who died in the season 5 finale after being hit by a bus. "I think the only thing that gives Callie more of an edge is the fact that there's a baby involved too."

Word is Callie's injuries are so extensive that all of the doctors at Seattle Grace will be working on her simultaneously. "In fact, it makes me laugh because it seems like there's no other patients in the hospital because everybody is working on Callie," says cast member Justin Chambers

"I don't know how anybody survives that," adds Ramirez. "But I'll tell you something: It's a wake-up call of epic proportions for Callie. What lies in front of her [after the accident] is more than just glass. It's an opportunity to fight for her life and to make sense of why her life, and her life with Arizona, is worth fighting for, if that's the case."

If Callie doesn't die in the episode (and we really hope she doesn't!), she could very well lose the baby. Eric Dane, who plays the baby's father, Mark Sloan, says that would be devastating. "All he's wanted is a kid and now he's going to have one with his best friend," he says. "In a matter of seconds, it all changes and very possibly gets taken away from him. So he's kind of freaked-out and a little shocked."

The musical episode will be seen from the viewpoint of a semi-comatose Callie, in which her colleagues both treat her and communicate with her in song; Ramirez will sing several songs in the episode, including Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars," and a duet of KT Tunstall's "Universe & U" with Capshaw. 

The episode airs Thursday at 9/8c on ABC.