Cuban Singer Lazaro Arbos' Heavenly Voice Wows 'Idol' Judges! (VIDEO)

The second episode of American Idol brought even more beef between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, causing Keith Urban to actually bail out at one point during their first day in Chicago. Supposedly, he had a concert, but by the look of his face as he painfully endured Minaj and Carey’s constant bickering, we have our suspicions.

“I feel like a scratching post,” Urban said as he sat between the dueling divas.

Luckily, there were standout contestants to distract from Minaj’s continual domination of the panel, her annoying faux English accent, and Carey’s continual eye rolls.

The night's most memorable contestant was 21-year-old Lazaro Arbos, who was born in Cuba and migrated to Naples, Florida with his parents when he was 10. Arbos has a severe stutter and brought on a flood of tears when he told viewers he had no friends growing up because of his speech impediment. Isolated, he turned to singing.

The adorable contestant chose "Bridge Over Troubled Water" for his Idol audition and wowed viewers as his stutter completely disappeared when he sang. As the judges unanimously put him through to Hollywood, Arbos broke down in tears.

Check out his tear-jerking audition below.