'Dexter' Star Santiago Cabrera on {SPOILERS} Death (EXCLUSIVE)

Dexter fans prepare for a spoiler alert if you failed to catch last week's episode of the hit Showtime series!

Crime writer Sal Price (played by Santiago Cabrera) made his final appearance on the show before getting killed by Hannah (Yvonne Stahovski). We chatted exclusively with the Chilean actor about what it was like playing his character, what fans can expect from season 7, and more! Check it out below:

Were you a fan of Dexter before you signed on as Sal Price for season 7?

Yes, I definitely was. I watched it for a while, but then when they finally called me to offer me the part, I had to catch up to season 6. It’s fun to be a part of a show that you are intrigued with and watch on your spare time anyway. I’m curious as to what’s going to happen during the rest of the season.

Your character gets killed off in a pretty intense way. Was it difficult shooting that?

I had to talk to the doctor on set to get some tips on how people act when they are suffering from a heart attack. I just went for it. We filmed a few different versions and it was actually a fun day – regardless that I was getting killed off.

Do you know how many takes it took exactly?

It really wasn’t much at all. I think it took maybe like three takes. It was a bit surreal being dead on the floor and lying there while they film the police work scenes.

Did you know what your character’s fate was going to be when you signed on?

Yeah, they were open about the storyline right from the start. It definitely wasn’t a big surprise to me.

Although your character was short-lived, what was it like working on the show?

It was great! The show is a well-oiled machine that just keeps getting better and better. The crew is fantastic and you can tell that everyone is happy to be working on such a successful show. From the moment I got on set, I felt so welcomed by everyone. I loved working with Jennifer (Carpenter) and Michael (C Hall). They are both amazing actors and it was great to have my scenes with them and be in their world. I really enjoyed that.

That leads into my next question! What was it like working with Michael C Hall? 

He really taps into the character so well. Even during the table reads you can see how well engrained he is in this character – I mean he just has him down. It’s great to watch him in front of the cameras. He’s just an amazing actor.

Your character’s death is going to prompt a lot of drama on the show. What do you think is going to happen next?

I’m curious about how things are going to play off. I think there are great writers there that lead you down an amazing storyline. Even if I tried to predict I wouldn’t be able to because that’s the nature of the show. They just come up with such unexpected directions and it’s so out there. It’s a testament to a good team.

Do you think fans will be satisfied with how the season will end?

I would imagine. I’m sure [the writers] have a good idea of what they want to do so I’m sure fans will be happy with how they wrap things. My prediction is yes they will be satisfied.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on a drama and comedy adaptation that takes place in Russia. I play the love interest to the main character and it’s high drama and tragedy. It’s something new and different, so I’m looking forward to that.