Up-and-Coming Latina Actress Emilia McCarthy Talks New Netflix Series ‘Hemlock Grove’

What do you think of the Netflix original series – do you tend to watch TV show episodes many at a time or do you like to space them out?

Well if I had the choice to watch them all at once, which is what Netflix is letting you do, I would certainly do that! I can’t wait a whole week; it’s too suspenseful!

What are some of your favorite shows to watch?

I’m kind of a sucker for all the teen shows like Teen Wolf, Awkward, The Carrie Diaries. Especially Pretty Little Liars now, after I was on an episode of Beauty and the Beast and met Yani Gellman. He played Garrett on the show, but he’s also in Pretty Little Liars. He is so sweet. I declared my love for him at like 3 in the morning after shooting all night and I was half awake; he was so gracious about it.

What’s been your favorite role thus far?

I’m going to have to say playing Alyssa on Hemlock Grove! It’s been the longest production I’ve been a part of, so the longest character that’s been with me for a consecutive amount of time.

Any new projects in the works?

I have a YTV web-series coming out called Unlikely Heroes and another web-series, that’s still in pre-production called Kid’s Town. They’re both quite different than Hemlock Grove; they’re more of light, fun, family type shows. I’m also very excited about those!

Who would you love to work with?

Probably Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams because they’re both from my hometown of London, Ontario in Canada! I feel like it’s just meant to be.

What do you want to do next?

More acting! No doubt! Definitely waiting for that Oscar for best female lead. Just putting that out there.

Favorite hobbies?

Apart from acting I also dance! I take part in my local theater productions with Ancaster Theater! I love being able to combine my love for acting with my love for dance!

What else do you love to do?

I’m always doing something. You can follow me on twitter @EmiliaaMcCarthy! You can also follow me on Instagram at @emiliaamccarthy!

Catch Hemlock Grove on Netflix starting April 19!