Exclusive: Curvy Girls’ Lornalitz Baez On Plus-Size Modeling

Is there just as much drama on a reality show about plus-size models?

There are five of us on the show and two are full-time single mothers. I'm the youngest one. We all have completely different lifestyles and are at different stages in our careers. We get along, but what would a reality show be without drama?

Tell us about your new Curves Are In T-shirt line.

I want to branch into designing, so this is my first project. Curves Are In means so much to me because before I was a plus-size model, I was a straight-size model and I had a difficult time accepting my curves. I overcame an eating disorder and one thing that helped me was to walk around and tell my friends and family, 'Oh you didn't know? Curves are in.' It helped me mentally. T-shirts are a pretty big industry. Who doesn't want to throw on a T-shirt with jeans? It’s wonderful to share my experience with other women who are going through the same thing. You can purchase the Tees on my website.

Curvy Girls just wrapped its second season. What’s next for you?

I actually might be moving to the UK in a few weeks for some new clients. If all works out, I’ll be living there for six months.