EXCLUSIVE: Laura Govan From ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ On Wedding Plans & Her Sister’s Breakup

The season of VH1’s hit show Basketball Wives L.A. may be over, but there is plenty of residual buzz surrounding its stars, in particular Laura Govan.

After the show, the part-Mexican, part-black mother of four (and sister of Gloria Govan) has undergone quite a few transitions recently, such as her engagement to on-and-off-again boyfriend, NBA baller Gilbert Arenas. Govan also looks better than ever, having shed about 80 pounds to reveal a slimmer, svelte figure.

Latina.com caught up recently with the extremely down-to-earth Govan, who spoke openly to us about everything from her dramatic weight loss – to her sister’s highly publicized breakup with L.A. Lakers player Matt Barnes. As for who she would invite to her wedding from her fellow Basketball Wives? Check out what she told us below:

If you can describe your season of Basketball Wives L.A. in three words, which words would you use?

I would use kooky, kooky, kooky! It was therapy, it was kookiness, and it was fun.

At the end of the season, you announced to the other ladies that you were moving to Orlando. Has your move to Orlando affected your friendships with them?

Not at all! I talk to Malaysia about twice a week. I talk to Imani all the time. I definitely talk to my sister all the time and the other girls, I didn’t have a great, great relationship. If I see them, cool… if I don’t, you know? It’s one of those.

Congratulations on your engagement! How do you feel?

I feel great! Gilbert and I have been together ten years off and on but we were engaged; he asked me to marry him three years ago and it was just a matter of putting back on the ring and saying ‘It’s back on.’ I’m Hispanic and he’s actually Latin; he’s Cuban, so we have that little flavor! When we saw each other, it was on again… but on a mature level. We’ve been having a great time raising our kids. 

What can you share about your wedding plans?

We’re definitely going to get married but for us, it’s more intimate. We don’t want to have a big, elaborate wedding and people celebrating, like ‘Oh when they’re going to get a divorce?’ We don’t want people to be there for that reason. I want it to be funny and memorable, but we haven’t yet picked out a date. We’re definitely going to get married… you’ll hear about it. [Laughs]

Will you be inviting everyone from Basketball Wives L.A.?

Heck no! Are you crazy? Imani will definitely be in my wedding, my sister will be in my wedding. Malaysia is definitely going to be there. Kooky J… I don’t really want that part. And then Draya… ahhh that’s okay.

You lost 80 pounds recently, congratulations! How did you do it?

I was 224 pounds when I delivered my papa. I had a workout program because I was an athlete in college and I blew my knees out. I was confined to my dorm room for a really long time and I wanted to work out but my coach wouldn’t let me, so I developed a 12-minute program and stuck with it. I gained between 80 and 100 with every baby and I’ve had four kids in five years… so I’ve pretty much been pregnant for five years – with no period girl!

During the season, we saw how close you are to your sister Gloria. What does she mean to you?

My sister means a lot to me; she’s definitely a sister. I love to fight with her; it’s funny because it’s like a relationship… it brings you back together and brings you closer. We fight hard, love hard, play hard. I love that she’s with me and I get to be with her.

Back to your sister again; how is she with her split from Matt Barnes?

The biggest thing with that is that it’s a relationship. He’s the father of her children and I’ve always said this and I still will say this… that they’ll be back together. I don’t just count them out. It’s just a relationship – it’s just public so you guys get to see the juice. I think that they both just need time. You always need time to reflect, which is actually healthy. I think she’ll be fine.

What can you tell us about whether or not there will be a second season of Basketball Wives L.A. and would you want to be a part of it? 

I definitely think that there will be another season, that s*** was good girl! That drama was good! Would I be a part of it? Yea, I think I will definitely be a part of it. I had a really good time. I look back and the editing kind of sucked because you didn’t get all of it, but I had a really good time.