Get to Know Rico from MTV's 'Washington Heights'

Last week, you got to learn a little bit more about Frankie Reese from MTV’s Washington Heights, thanks to a fun questionnaire we handed her and her fellow cast members a while back.

There's no question that the part-dominicana, along with her fellow cast mates, have collected an army of fans on the wonderful world wide web. We're sure small nuggets of info such as their pet peeves are appreciated by fans, which is why we created a Get-to-Know-the-Cast-of-Washington-Heights kind of survey.

The next cast member we're featuring is that cutie with the lazy-looking yet radiant smile Roderick Rasuk - aka Rico. And, yes, we clearly know that many female fans think he is, in fact, rico.

Below are the best chunks of his questionnaire – as well as a glimpse of Rico's handwriting below. Thank you Rico rico, for answering our questions.

My ideal nickname is Rico.

To dream is to live life.

The hardest thing about the NYC hustle is the obstacles that get in the way.

My neighborhood is its own world because so much tends to happen within the few avenues that we have. It’s also filled with diversity and culture and all that tends to make the Heights, the Heights.

My favorite Latino celebrity is Manny Perez/Victor Cruz because as Latinos, they didn't fall into the negatives and instead pushed themselves harder and I admire their work ethics.

My most embarassing moment on the Washington Heights show was my acne, sheesh I hated that.

You know you're Latino when you have to cook everything with adobo.