Gloria Estefan Tells Oprah She "Fought Hard" for Shakira

“Knowing Shakira, who is very competitive and the minute she sees an opening, she goes ‘I can do this!’ – some artists have never done it,” Estefan said, and later added that she fought hard for Shakira to get support for a crossover career. “They’ve stayed in Spanish, even though they may have been able to cross over. And I showed her that she could do it, and boom!”

Boom is right. Already beloved in the Spanish-language market, the Colombian singer made her dive into the English-language market back in 2001, with her fifth album Laundry Service. The album sold 20 million copies worldwide and its lead single “Whenever, Wherever” was one of the hottest songs of 2002. Shakira and her gyrating hips have become one of the buzziest topics in pop culture since. 

As for Estefan’s episode on Oprah’s Next Chapter, the legend also shared details about her traumatic accident in 1990, when her tour bus was hit by a semi-truck on a Pennsylvania highway.

The singer broke her back and was faced with the possibility of never being able to walk again.

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