Grey's Anatomy: Sara Ramirez's Best Moments as Dr. Callie

Last night, Grey's Anatomy premiered its ninth season and it's safe to say no character was suffering more than Dr. Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez.

(Warning: Spoiler Alert!) 

In the episode, you're lead to believe that her partner, Arizona Robbins (played by Jessica Capshaw), is dead until the very last moments of the show, when its revealed that Callie had to cut off her leg to save her life. Meanwhile, the father of her child, Mark Sloan, is left in a coma, later to be let off life support in one of the series' saddest moments to date.

In honor of the captivating season premiere, we are highlighting some of Callie’s best moments on the show:

- In season four, after things end with her ex-husband George, Callie moves on with Sloan, but she discovers that she’s secretly attracted to Erica. On the season finale, they share an unforgettable passionate kiss, which was praised for representing a romantic same-sex scene on a primetime network. It was about time, no?

- In the seventh season, Sara was able to bring her Broadway and Tony-winning experience to the surgery room. The show’s musical episode was undeniably a Glee lovers dream, and offered up triple the amount of drama as a pregnant Callie and her partner get in a car accident shortly after Arizona proposes. Sara’s delivery was flawless, and we especially loved that baby Sofia was unharmed and the dramatic episode finished with a happy ending.

- We loved when the show revealed Callie’s romantic side in the Valentine’s Day special in season 8. Before tragedy struck with the plane crash, Callie surprised her love with a sweet trip to Derek’s old camping trailer. She is led blindfolded and is welcomed with sweet treats, romantic candlelight, and (yes) lingerie.

What are some of your favorite Grey’s Anatomy moments starring Sara Ramirez’s character? Better yet, what did you think about last night’s episode?