A TV Series About Hugo Chavez is Coming to a Screen Near You And His Allies are Pissed!

A TV Series About Hugo Chavez is Coming to a Screen Near You
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Hugo Chavez is coming back from the dead to a TV screen near you. 

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Telemundo is bringing a TV series to the U.S. that has already received a lot of flack because it shows Chavez in a bad light. The Spanish-language TV series called "El Comandante" will run for 60-episodes and show his rise to power and how his regime laid the foundation for the country's current economic disaster. 

The former Venezuelan trade minister, Moisés Naim, is the man behind the show and said he came up with the idea he had to continuous explain the hold Chavez had over the Venezuelan people. 

“There are two things nobody can dispute regardless of ideology: the first is that Chávez was an extraordinarily charismatic politician who seduced people all over the world, and the other is that Venezuela today has been destroyed by a major crisis,” he told The Guardian. “It’s very hard to argue the current tragedy has nothing to do with Hugo Chavez. 

The current president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, made a statement saying the series was "trash," even Chavez's ex-wife has threatened legal action. 

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Check out the trailer below and decide for yourselves: