Introducing Heather Hemmens

Until recently, Heather Hemmens’ acting credits included minor roles on shows like Without a Trace and CSI: Miami. This fall, the 22-year-old actress from Maine, won her first starring role as a series regular on the new CW series, Hellcats.

On the hit show—which was recently picked up for a full season due to solid ratings—Heather stars opposite Ashley Tisdale in the role of Alice Verdura, a sassy and bitchy cheerleader who will stop at nothing to keep her top spot on the cheer squad. 

"I am what you might call the mean girl,” Hemmens says of her character. “When I {get injured} and can't cheer anymore, I try to get my power back and I do some very manipulative and nasty things.”

The sweet 22-year-old actress seems to be nothing like her manipulative character in real life, but they do have one thing in common. "I have sass that I make no apologies for,” Hemmens tells

In addition to her work on Hellcats, the rising star is also a director. She directed and produced the short films, Perils of an Active Mind and Designated, which were both released this year. 

Hemmens, whose father is White, is part Costa Rican. "When someone says, "tell me about yourself," I wish I could answer simply, "I'm Latina," Hemmens told "There's not much more to it."