Jaime Camil on What 'Jane the Virgin' Got Right About Latinos

Jaime Camil on What Jane the Virgin Got Right

Jane the Virgin is doing Latinos justice according to Jaime Camil

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The actor spoke to Mic all about the hit CW show and why it portrays Latinos in a realistic light instead of in a stereotypical one. 

Jane the Virgin portrays Latinos with a lot of respect,” he said. “Just because we’re Latinos doesn’t mean we need to have hot pink houses and piñatas and shout things like, ‘Tacos! Fiestas!’ We’re a powerful Latino cast, the characters are humans and the show is written for a mainstream market.”

Camil also spoke very candidly about the way Mexicans are type casted and portrayed in Hollywood. 

“You don’t have to portray Mexicans as nannies or gardeners. We are not rapists or drug dealers. Mexico is cosmopolitan and our films show that,” he said. 

Jane the Virgin is one of the few shows on air that have a very diverse cast and understands the importance of having Latinos on screen. 

“Hollywood, they make up these Latinos because they have a certain physical type or a certain name or whatever… It’s not that easy,” Camil told Latina in 2015. “It’s like me wanting to do a movie with an American actor and I say, ‘Hey listen, I have either Johnny Depp or Carrot Top.’ You’ll go, ‘Dude are you fucking insane? Are you really putting those guys in the same category?’ And my answer would be, ‘Well, yes, they’re both Americans and they both do films.’ That’s kind of a way to explain.”

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We are hoping a day with come where we will see more shows like Jane the Virgin on TV.