Keepin' It Real: 50 Latina Stars of Competition Reality Shows!

America’s Next Top Model is premiering its 20th season this Friday, Aug. 2, and to celebrate we have rounded up all the fierce Latinas who have been a part of reality competition shows. From the fierce Boricua Jaslene Gonzalez to the 2008 Miss Universe Dayana Mendonza, these Latinas took to the small screen for their time to shine! 

1. Reality Competition: Yaya DaCosta

Yaya DaCosta

This Brazilian beauty was a runner up on season three of America’s Next Top Model. She was such a strong contestant she only appeared in the bottom two once. 

2. Reality Competition: Jaslene Gonzalez

Jaslene Gonzalez

This fiery Boricua won the eighth season of America’s Next Top Model and didn’t let anyone forget it. She did her cha-cha all the way to the top. 

3. Reality Competition: Naima Mora

Naima Mora

This Mexicana was never seen as the winner during her time in season 4 of America’s Next Top Model but it’s as Tyra said Naima was “the girl who did fair during the semester but killed her final exam.” She brought the spunk to the competition and strut her way to number one. 

4. Reality Competition: Xiomara Frans

Xiomara Frans

She was a finalist in season 2 of America’s Next Top Model and it was her great personality and kindness that won the heart of the judges and other girls in the house. Her sweet Cuban flair is what made her stand out all the way until week five of the competition. 

5. Reality Competition: Magdalena Rivas

Magdalena Rivas

This Venezuelan got her taste of what it would be like to be a model when the girls in season 3 of America’s Next Top Model were flown of New York City to Jamaica for their first photo shoot. 

6. Reality Competition: Lluvy Gomez

Lluvy Gomez

This Mexicana made history in season 4 of America’s Next Top Model after Tyra Banks called her photo “the worst photo in the history of America’s Next Top Model.” She was able to redeem herself but was eliminated shortly after. 

7. Reality Competition: Diane Hernandez

Diane Hernandez

During her time on season 5 of America’s Next Top Model, this Cuban lady was considered a plus-size model. She rocked her curves and even put the other chicas to shame but it was her lack of confidence that ultimately send her home. 

8. Reality Competition: Leslie Mancia

Alejandra (Leslie) Mancia

Yet another chica who made history after being in season 6 of America’s Next Top Model, Leslie was the youngest contestant to be a finalist in the series. This Mexicana was great from the start in print but was sent home because the judges just couldn’t see her being a model. 

9. Reality Competition: Megg Morales

Meg Morales

She was a finalist in season 7 of America’s Next Top Model and did amazing in her audition, according to Jay Manuel. This Mexicana was the fourth girl to be eliminated after failing to look natural as the bearded lady in a circus themed photo shoot. 

10. Reality Competition: Jessica Santiago

Jessica Santiago

This Puerto Rican hottie made her mark on season 12 of America’s Next Top Model. Jessica didn’t last long on the show but impressed the judges with her strong sexuality and overall confidence. 

11. Reality Competition: Lisa Ramos

Lisa Ramos

Esta Boricua was brought on season 13 of America’s Next Top Model after another contestant quit the show. Her time on the show was short lived after judges noted she had a poor performance and was just too timid. 

12. Reality Competition: Naduah Rugley

Naduah Rugley

This half-Mexican chica was one with a story to tell. Naduah came into season 14 of American’s Next Top Model bald and Tyra thought that would make her the edgy one in the competition. Naduah wasn’t able to live up to that and was the second person to be eliminated.

13. Reality Competition: Angelia Alvarez

Angelia Alvarez

She was a Dominican girl from Florida but born in Germany. Her exotic look didn’t work in her favor, as she was the first to be eliminated from season 16 of America’s Next Top Model

14. Reality Competition: Sara Longoria

Sara Longoria

Yet another Latina joins the racks of America’s Next Top Model except this time she is Mexican. Sara appeared in season 16 of the long-running series and was the fifth girl to be eliminated. 

15. Reality Competition: Allyssa Vuelma

Allyssa Vuelma

This Brazilian beauty starred in season 19 of America’s Next Top Model. This season had a twist because all the contestants were girls in college. Allyssa was confident all the throughout the competition but that wasn’t enough seeing as she was eliminated during episode 7 of the show. 

16. Reality Competition: Kiara Belen

Kiara Belen

Another Latina almost makes her way to the top in season 19 of America’s Next Top Model. This Colombian and Puerto Rican beauty was the runner-up on her season and always stood her ground in the house.  

17. Reality Competition: Jessica Fernandez

Jessica Fernandez

This fiery Latin shows everyone what moves se had in season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. She is a classically trained ballet dancer and was always consistent. She was ultimately eliminated because the judges felt she wasn’t connecting to the audience. 

18. Reality Competition: Vanessa Olivarez

Vanessa Olivarez

This Latina made history in season 2 of American Idol after being the first Latina finalist in the history of the show. She made it to the top 12 and went on to become a successful artist in Canada. 

19. Reality Competition: Karen Rodriguez

Karen Rodriguez

Yet another Latina made it to the top 12 of the competition. Karen sang her lungs out in season 10 of American Idol and impressed Jennifer Lopez, a judge at the time, so much that she was one of the first to be invited to perform for them. 

20. Reality Competition: Syesha Mercado

Syesha Mercado

This Puerto Rican singer made her debut in season 7 of American Idol. She made her mark as the last woman standing during the season and eventually came in third place in the competition. 

21. Reality Competition: Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta

This Salvadorian ginger sang her way through season 8 of American Idol. She placed in fourth place and went on to land her own record deal and release the catchy single “Friday I’ll be Over U.” 

22. Reality Competition: Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez

She was the runner up in season 11 of the FOX hit T.V. show American Idol. This Mexican-American chica took on songs by the biggest music divas including Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Jessica now has a record deal and we can’t wait to hear her single. 

23. Reality Competition: Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia made her mark on season 3 of American Idol and this Cubana went on the win the whole thing. Since her victory Fantasia went on to win a Grammy for her single “Bittersweet” and starred on Broadway in The Color Purple.

24. Reality Competition: Tenna Torres

Tenna Torres

This half Puerto-Rican beauty was able to sing her heart out and make it to the top 10 in season 12 of American Idol. Teena describes herself as “sassy young African-American/Puerto Rican” who can deliver “dynamite vocals in killer stilettos.”

25. Reality Competition: Victoria Acosta

Victoria Acosta

Another Latina showing us what magical tunes she has in season 12 of American Idol, Victoria brought her love for mariachi music to the judges. She was eliminated after round 3 of Hollywood week but still left an impression on the judges. 

26. Reality Competition: Cathia


This Colombian-American chica from the Bronx made her way from singing as a little girl to singing for America in season 4 of NBC’s The Voice. She was snatched up by coach Usher but was eventually eliminated shortly after joining his team. 

27. Reality Competition: Monique Abbadie

Monique Abbadie

This Cuban music teacher showed the judges in season 4 of The Voice. This fiery redhead sang her out all while being part of Team Shakira but was eliminated after battling it out with fellow Latina Karina Iglesias. 

28. Reality Competition: Mary Miranda

Mary Miranda

Another Cubana was in the mix in season 4 of The Voice. Mary battled it out with fellow Latina Cathia and was ultimately chosen as the winner by her coach Shakira. 

29. Reality Competition: Karina Iglesias

Karina Iglesias

This Honduran music teacher decided to become a student again and joined season 4 of The Voice. Karina chose to be on Team Adam but was stolen by fellow Latina Shakira. She eventually lost during her battle round against fellow contestant Judith Hill. 

30. Reality Competition: Giselle Fernandez

Giselle Fernandez

This Mexicana showed off her dance moves in season 3 of Dancing With the Stars. She was the third contestant eliminated and had an average of only 23 points. 

31. Reality Competition: Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina Bryan

Another Mexican got to show off what her mama gave her in season 5 of Dancing With the Stars. She was an impressive contestant with her lowest score being a 25 out of 30 but was eventually eliminated week 6 of the competition. 

32. Reality Competition: Elisa Jimenez

Elisa Jimenez

This Mexican lady made her mark in season 4 of Project Runway. She made an impression on the judges but was eliminated in episode six of the show.

33. Reality Competition: Cecilia Motwani

Cecilia Motwani

This Argentinean designer made her mark in the world by teaching herself how to design garments and putting them on a runway during season 9 of Project Runway. She had potential as a designer but eventually quit the competition after 4 episodes. 

34. Reality Competition: Layana Aguilar

Layana Aguilar

This Brazilian beauty is a budding designer who made her debut in season 11 of Project Runway. She made it all the way to episode 12 and continues to make clothes and follow her passion of designing. 

35. Reality Competition: Patricia Velasquez

Patricia Velasquez

This Venezuelan actress and fashion model competed in season 12 of Celebrity Apprentice. She was representing the Wayúu Tayá Foundation but was fired before winning the grand prize.

36. Reality Competition: Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza

The former Venezuelan Miss Universe appeared in season 12 of Celebrity Apprentice. She was the winning project manager in episode 3 and made it to sixth place in the competition. 

37. Reality Competition: Nely Galan

Nely Galán

This Cuban producer was representing the charity, Count Me In, in season 1 of Celebrity Apprentice. She was the sixth celebrity to be eliminated in the competition. 

38. Reality Competition: Brenda Lowe

Brenda Lowe  

This Nicaraguan beauty princess showed just how tough she was in the Nicaragua season of Survivor. She made her mark being part of the La Flor and Libertad tribe and was the 11th contestant eliminated. 

39. Reality Competition: Sandra Diaz Twine

Sandra Diaz-Twine  

This Boricua was one the game’s most devious and sassiest players and went on to be the first two-time player on Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

40. Reality Competition: Abi Maria Gomes

Abi-Maria Gomes

Esta Brazilian chica was one of the original six Tandang members during her time on Survivor: Phillipines. She made it close to the end but was voted off day 36 of the competition. 

41. Reality Competition: Carolina Eastwood

Carolina Eastwood

This chica was born in Panama and was seen as “the old lady,” during her time in Survivor: Tocantins. Her time was short lived on the show because she only lasted three days and was the first to be eliminated. 

42. Reality Competition: Cecilia Mansilla

Cecilia Mansilla

She only made it through episode 3 before being eliminated from Survivor: Cook Island. During her time on the show, this Peruvian made it clear that she wants to mentor young girls to pursue higher education. 

43. Reality Competition: Janu Tornell

Janu Tornell

Esta Cubana was a contestant in Survivor: Palau. She was a part of the Koror Tribe and lasted 27 days on the island. 

44. Reality Competition: Paloma Soto-Castillo

Paloma Soto-Castillo

She was born in Chile and was chosen to join the Kota Tribe in Survivor: Gabon. Early in the competition, Paloma made enemies and was voted off after only seven days. 

45. Reality Competition: Monica Padilla

Monica Padilla

This Boricua chica came into Survivor: Samoa trying to use her beauty to her advantage in the game. Her advantage may have definitely worked out because she lasted 33 days. 

46. Reality Competition: Liliana Gomez

Liliana Gomez  

She is a Mexican girl is a former member of the US Marine Corps and showed off her skills in Survivor: Fiji. Liliana was one of the strongest members of her tribe but also posed a threat. She was the fourth person to be eliminated off the island. 

47. Reality Competition: Susie Smith

Susie Smith  

This Mexican-American mother of one showed off just how many skills she had in Survivor: Gabon. Her desire to be the sole survivor was so strong she made it to runner-up and lasted 39 days on the show. 

48. Reality Competition: Michelle Bernstein

Michelle Bernstein

She is a well-established chef known for her Latin-style flavors of cooking. This Argentinean competed in Iron Chef America against Bobby Flay and came out victorious. 

49. Reality Competition: Marcela Valladolid

Marcela Valladolid

She is a celebrity chef, author and has her own show on Food Network. This Mexican cook teamed up with Chef Bobby Flay against Chef Masaharu Morimoto and Andrew Zimmern on Iron Chef America. Marcela and Bobby came out on top defeating Masaharu and Andrew. 

50. Reality Competition: Lorena Garcia

Lorena Garcia

This Venezuelan-born chef competed in season 4 of Top Chef Master. Lorena made it to episode 4 of the competition and had a cumulative winning of $1,000.