Latinized: "Gossip Girl" Trades Leighton Meester for Selena Gomez

We love us the back-stabbing, nail-biting drama of the CW's hit soap Gossip Girl, but we couldn't help but notice that the characters on the screen were a bit too vanilla for our taste. So we decided to shake things up on the Upper East Side by recasting the show with all Latino actors. Hey, we have color TVs for a reason, right?

Check out our picks for Nate, Blair, Serena and all the gang in our Gossip Girl recast. As for the Gossip Girl herself? She may never reveal herself on the show, but in our world chismosas aren't afraid to show their faces, and we pick our favorite extroverted attention hog Perez Hilton to provide the behind-the-scenes scoop.


1. Gossip Girl: Recast - Serena Van der Woodsen

Original: Blake Lively
Recast: Alexa Vega

Serena Van der Woodsen is defined by her long, blonde locks, so who better to play her than Colombian American actress Alexa Vega? Like Blake Lively, Alexa has been a child star for years and is growing into a Hollywood "It" Girl in her own right. A lead role on a juicy teen soap may be just the thing to transition her into adulthood...

2. Gossip Girl: Recast - Blair Waldorf

Original: Leighton Meester
Recast: Selena Gomez

Curly brown locks? Check. Petite, doll-like stature? Check. Sweet, innocent face hiding a penchant for mischief that lurks underneath? Triple Check! Just like her alter-ego Blair Waldorf, Selena Gomez isn't fooling us with her good-girl exterior. Not that we're complaining, good girls are no fun anyways...

3. Gossip Girl: Recast - Chuck Bass

Original: Ed Westwick
Recast: Wilmer Valderamma

Playing one of the most delicious villains on the small screen isn't exactly child's play, so we brought in one of the big boys to take on the role of Chuck Bass. Wilmer may be pushing 30, but he still has his boyish good looks. And with all his experience hooking up with teen queens and tossing around bills at the clubs, it was as he has been researching this part for the past ten years...


4. Gossip Girl: Recast - Nate Archibald

Original: Chace Crawford
Recast: Walter Bruno

Just like Serena, Nate is all about the hair. So when we spotted the locks on the Argentinian Zac Efron, High School Musical: El Desafio star Walter Bruno, we knew we found the perfect young Archibald. Cougars, retract your claws!

5. Gossip Girl: Recast - Dan Humphrey

Original: Penn Badgley
Recast: Victor Rasuk

To capture Dan Humphrey's down-to-earth, nice guy charm, we pick Raising Victor Vargas star Victor Rasuk. For those of you doubting that America will buy him as Rodrigo Santoro's son, allow us to point out that the current Dan and Rufus Humphrey look more like brothers than father and son, too. Besides, reuniting Victor with his RVV co-star Melonie Diaz, who we've tapped to play Dan's BFF Vanessa Abrams, more than makes up for it, don't you think?


6. Gossip Girl: Recast - Jenny Humphrey

Original: Taylor Momsen
Recast: Lourdes Leon

Um, hello genius! We have to pat ourselves on the back for dreaming up Lourdes Leon to play the aspiring fashionista Jenny Humphrey. Even though little Lola practically owns the Upper East Side, unlike outer-borough Jenny, we bet her mom Madonna could share a story or two about growing up middle class and clawing her way up to the big leagues.

7. Gossip Girl: Recast - Vanessa Abrams

Original: Jessica Szohr
Recast: Melonie Diaz

Who can play a home-schooled downtown hipster better than, well, a home-schooled downtown hipster like Melonie Diaz? Definitely not current Vanessa Abrams Jessica Szohr, who's pretty enough to look at but doesn't have a third of the acting chops that Miss Diaz does. 

8. Gossip Girl: Recast - Eric Van der Woodsen

Original: Connor Paolo
Recast: Mark Indelicato

Mark Indelicato proved last season on Ugly Betty that he's a bit too fabulous for Queens. We think he needs to hop on the subway and head to the Upper East Side, where his sense of style and meddling ways will truly be appreciated.

9. Gossip Girl: Recast - Lily Van der Woodsen

Original: Kelly Rutherford
Recast: Kate del Castillo

Icy cold exterior but a romantic at heart? Like asking for a side order of Kate del Castillo. Though she could bag billionaires just as easily as Lily Van der Woodsen, the Mexican actress also shares Lily's affinity for artsy types. Her last two boyfriends were both actors.

10. Gossip Girl: Recast - Rufus Humphrey

Original: Matthew Settle
Recast: Rodrigo Santoro

Forget the PYT's at St. Jude's and Constance Billard, the real hotties on Gossip Girl are aging rocker Rufus Humphrey and his long lost love Lily Van der Woodsen. For the part of bad-boy-gone-good, we couldn't think of anyone better than Rodrigo Santoro, whose dreamy looks and seductive charm could get Lily to ditch her billionaire husbands for good.