Latinos to Watch on MTV’s 'The Challenge'

Check out the power players on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons

1. MTV The Challenge: Nany


As part of the Las Vegas squad, Nany has the best chance of winning this season. The dominicana/cubana is best known for crying and falling in love on Real World 25. But on The Challenge she’s shown off her athletic skills and incredible will to win.

2. MTV The Challenge: Camilla


This fiery Brazilian is no joke. As winner of the last Challenge (Battle of the Exes) with Johnny Bananas, Camilla is one of the top competitors in the game. Yet, due to her mouth, she’s now paired with Big Easy (one of The Challenge’s dead weights). 

3. MTV The Challenge: Derek


The Real World: Cancun alum brings an air of niceness to the cutthroat game. He’ll have to toughen up and start outwitting others in order to survive and make it to the end. 

4. MTV The Challenge: JD


The dolphin trainer, obviously, has the upper hand on any water event. As part of Team Brooklyn (with Challenge vet Sarah), JD’s chances of winning this season’s chip is as good as any other team.