The Love Test: 'Ready For Love' Bachelors Answer Our Burning Questions!

Let’s play a quick game of “Which would you rather…?” Would you rather be wooed by a wealthy entrepreneur who tries to impress your dad over golf or take tango lessons with a Cuban-Nicaraguan stud who knows the moves on a dance floor? Well, if either option sounds like manna from dating heaven, you’ll take vicarious joy from NBC’s new reality dating show, Ready for Love, premiering tonight at 9/8c.

Executive produced by Eva Longoria, the show presents three bachelors with possible mates who have been chosen for them by expert matchmakers. There’s Tim Lopez, a musician from Santa Barbara, Calif.; Ben Patton, a financier from Dallas; and Ernesto Arguello, a philanthropist from Miami. “These guys aren’t looking to be reality stars,” says Longoria of her telegenic trio. “They’re actually ready for love.”

But are they?