Our 7 Favorite Telenovela Theme Songs of All-Time!

With ABC Family developing a new telenovela called Terminales—and MTV Latin America gearing up for the premiere of their new Spanish-language soap, Popland—we figured it was a great time to pay homage to the telenovela songs we all know and love. These songs are so catchy that they appealed not only to our abuelas and our moms, but also to the younger generation of Latinas. Check out our seven favorite telenovela theme songs of all-time!

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1. Songs: Luz Clarita

Luz Clarita

Having a bad day? Play the theme song from Luz Clarita. The telenovela’s theme song—which features adorable kids playing together in the grass, singing about how the best things in life are free—is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

2. Songs: Mari Mar!


Why we love it: Long before Passions became the craziest soap on English-language television, Marimar was telling far-fetched stories about a poor innocent girl who, along with her talking dog Pulgoso, had to contend with an evil stepmother named Angelica. The only thing better than the crazy storytelling was the show's theme song—a tropical tune that instantly transported us to the oceanside community where the story took place. 

3. Songs: Dos Mujeres, Un Camino

Dos Mujeres, Un Camino

Why we love it: Erik Estrada comes out of a huge truck, takes off his sunglasses and gives the camera a look that says, "Yup, I'm a hottie." Then the camera cuts to Estrada dancing with a sexy woman inside a nightclub and right after that to Estrada dancing with another sexy woman outside the nightclub (sans music). At the end of the video, Estrada has to choose between the two women who want him, and like the badass that he is, he chooses himself and rides away from both of them on his motorcycle. Hilarious!

4. Songs: Maria la del Barrio

Maria la del Barrio

Why we love it: The intro for Maria la del Barrio features colorful outfits, a mariachi band, trumpets, and a group of Latinos dancing in unison—as if they were working out to a Richard Simmons exercise video. Oh, and Thalia breaks it down on the dance floor!

5. Songs: Rosa Salvaje

Rosa Salvaje

Why we love it:The song is so cool that you could whistle the whole thing—if you wanted to. it tells the story of Rosa, an uneducated tomboy who lives in an impoverished neighborhood.



6. Songs: Maria Mercedes

María Mercedes

Why we love it: Another telenovela starring Thalia and featuring an awesome theme song (does she write these amazing songs herself?) is Maria Mercedes. What we love most about the song is that it starts out as a somber, sort of depressing tune about a girl who is abandoned by her ambitious mother, but at the 1:44 mark, the song picks up the pace and turns into something we can rock out to! 

7. Songs: Rebelde


Why we love it: The theme song for the hit Mexican telenovela Rebeldefeatures a group of beautiful young stars singing and dancing (and being playful) in their school uniforms. The score kind of reminds us of the intro for the Canadian TV show, Degrassi