3 Reasons Marc Anthony Will Save Salsa

1. La Voz: He’s is the only singer to ever come close to be worthy of wearing Hector Lavoe’s salsa crown. Anthony’s voice makes you want to dance, it inspires you, it moves you, it takes you to another planet.   

2. He’s a superstar…in both markets: Anthony’s talent knows no language barriers. The Spanish Harlem seamlessly jumps between the Spanish language market and English pop industry.

3. He’d be a killer mentor: Unfortunately, since Anthony’s last album there hasn’t been a new dominant salsa star. Not only will Anthony provide a lift for his genre, but he should also develop new artists. Take a look at Don Omar. The reggaetonero is nurturing a stable of young, promising talent (Natty Natasha) to lead the urban market to the future. When Anthony stamps his seal of approval on a fresh-faced salsero or salsera, get ready world.