Simon Cowell: David Archuleta's "The One to Beat"

Like one happily dysfunctional family, American Idol’s host and judges appeared on Larry King Live Monday night to promote this week’s special charity episode, Idol Gives Back. Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell took questions from the quirky CNN host and offered a totally honest prediction of each contestant’s fate on the show. Who came out on top? Our boy David Archuleta, of course! “He’s the one to beat, Larry. He really is,” said Cowell. “When we were on the road, I kept referring to him as the 16-year old savant,” gushed an equally enamored Abdul. “He really has that presence.” When King asked whether David Cook could beat Archuleta in the end, Cowell responded with an adamant no. “This guy [Archuleta] is going to get the teen vote. He’s going to have what I call the granny vote. The kids love him.” Um, hellooo…what about the Latino vote? Don’t count us out, Cowell. We’re texting Archuleta all the way to the top!