'The Simpsons' Are Asking For Your Help‎ For Puerto Rico's Hurricane Relief

The Simpsons have been known to reflect on many aspects of our own reality.

So it's not surprising that on Sunday's premiere episode of Season 29, the animated series turned its attention Puerto Rico, which is on brink of humanitarian crisis. The entire city of Springfield came together to show the Caribbean island some love following the catastrophic hurricane that has millions of residents still waiting for aid.  

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The photo, which appeared at the end of the show, shows Marge Simpson holding a sign that reads "Unido" which translates to "United," while a tearful Lisa Simpson, is seen visibly heartbroken about the island's crisis in front of the crowd. Homer Simpson and the rest of the crew held a large Puerto Rican flag in a show of solidarity. 

The image from the long-running animated series also directed viewers to non-profits such as UNICEFOne America Appeal, and Save the Children to lend out a helping hand. The show's official Twitter account shared the same image, writing "How you can help." With power, water, and food in short supply, Puerto Rico continues to need our help.