12 Telenovelas You Should Binge-Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign

With so many shows and movies to choose from on Netflix, it can be super difficult to narrow your options down. But if you grew up in a Latinx family, chances are you've been forced to sit down and watch at least one episode of a telenovela in your life. 

Everyone's different, and we all have our own interests, so can we match the novela you should be watching to your star sign? We're going to try!

Whether you're in a nostalgic mood for the telenovelas you watched with your abuela or you're just looking for a new show to binge watch, let this list guide you to the novela you'll definitely want to go back to over and over again.

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1. Capricorn

You might be in the mood for a more deep and serious show, Capricorn. Expand your mind with this rich and cultural love story. 

2. Aquarius

Your originality and independent spirit totally mirror the journey of our beloved Celia Cruz, Aquarius. Celia will keep you on your toes and warm your heart every step of the way.

3. Pisces

You and Marimar are total almas gemelas, Pisces. You know what it's like to be taken advantage of for being innocent and gentle. You'll get lost in this journey as Marimar goes after the love of her life, Sergio. 

4. Aries

You're as optimistic and passionate as Paulina, but as impulsive and aggressive as Paola, Aries. The drama that these two create in La Usurpadora will have you pinned to your couch all weekend. 

5. Taurus

You'll be living for Soraya Montenegro's shade, Taurus. Watching María la del Barrio will give you a brand new reason to start judging people (in Spanish, of course).

6. Gemini

You're always in the mood for a good laugh, Gemini. Lift up your spirits with this classic feel good rom-com novela. 

7. Cancer

You deserve a break from your stressful reality, Cancer. There's no better way to tune out than to go back to your childhood with Luz Clarita

8. Leo

You love watching another woman command a room, Leo. Let Kate del Castillo's character Teresa Mendoza inspire the inner fire and problem-solver in you. 

9. Virgo

You want a complex and multi-layered story that you can really sink your teeth into, Virgo. Dive into Catalina's dark and twisted world of sex and drug trafficking for a story that will stay with you long after you're done with it.

10. Libra

You're all about rebelling against the norm for justice and equality, Libra. You're a rebelde at heart and should definitely go binge-watch all the drama going down at Elite Way School. 

11. Scorpio

You always know exactly what you want, Scorpio. Much like Rubí, you won't stop at anything until it's yours. Dive into this deliciously devious novela for the drama that you love to see. 

12. Sagittarius

You're always in the mood for a good adventure, Sagittarius. This mystical story of Pedro José Donoso will captivate you in the best way possible.