Top Cheesy Latin Moments on 'The Bachelorette'

As season six of The Bachelorette came to end last night, it was obvious that Roberto would be the last man standing. Yes, we know he's HOT and being Latino is definitely a plus for us, (and, apparently for bachelorette Ali, too!) but we must admit, as the episode went on, we noticed more and more awkward (some even slightly cheesy) moments with Latin references.

Here's our list of the top five cheesiest:

1. When meeting Ali’s family for the first time, the first request was, of course, salsa lessons from Roberto. The family proceeded (at the first meeting) to get up and mimic the Latin lover.

2. As Roberto expressed his love to Ali, he presented her with a framed picture of the lovebirds as a gift with a note from him ending with “their” line: “Que bailemos para siempre.”

3. While Roberto was having a heart-to-heart with the bachelorette’s mom, she reassured him of her faith in him by attempting to say, “Yo creo que tu corazon es puro” with subtitles below translating to “I believe your heart is pure.”

4.  In an attempt to teach Ali Spanish, the word of the day was AMORRR (complete with excessive rolling of the tongue)

5.  And, since it seems Salsa dancing is what Latinos do best, Ali and her future hubby, once again, sealed their love with yet another Salsa dance. (sigh)

Can’t wait to see what the wedding reception will be like!

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