Victor Ortiz Eliminated on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Victor Ortiz admits he won't miss rehearsing, now that he's been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. Along with partner Lindsay Arnold, the duo said goodbye to the stage yesterday night.

"I'm not going to sit back and think, 'Oh, my god, I miss rehearsing,' " he told reporters with a laugh, People reports. "No."

"I definitely feel like, hey, you know what? This journey's over for me," Ortiz told People. "I'm going to focus on what I do again, which is boxing. The world championships are waiting, and I'm coming."

Ortiz admits he has other immediate plans than working on his waltz.

"I'll travel for probably a month or two," he said. "I'll grab a map or a little globe and spin it. Wherever my hand lands, [I'll go]. I think either Australia or China."

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