WATCH: Elizabeth Gutiérrez Talks About Having William Levy's Support

Before she was the last to be eliminated on Mira Quién Baila, Mexican American actress and model Elizabeth Gutiérrez received a very special visit from Cuban model and actor William Levy. The surprise wasn't so much for her as for the public, apparently, but it was great to see the pair look so in love again after such a tumultuous couple of years.

WATCH: William Levy & Elizabeth Gutiérrez Share Kiss on National TV

As we all know, their 8-year relationship has been strained, to say the least. The couple announced in May that their relationship was over after a lawsuit alleging Levy had sex with a minor. Levy denies any sexual abuse and is suing for $10 million in the case.

A Timeline of William Levy and & Elizabeth Gutiérrez's On-Again, Off-Again Romance

AOL Latino: You were surprised by William Levy. Did you expect, or even suspect, that he would show? Did it feel weird?

Elizabeth Gutiérrez: I think maybe it was a surprise for you all, who knows? Actually, it was a really nice surprise. I know that he's busy working on the weekends, so for him to take the time for me really means a lot to me. 

AOL Latino: Was the fact that he showed his support and embraced you during your elimination from Mira Quien Baila important to you?

Elizabeth Gutiérrez: Yes, of course. We've always supported each other through the good and bad and in all the adventures of our careers, which we paved together. We're always there for each other.

AOL Latino: How did you feel when you saw the images of the four of you, your children, family?

Elizabeth Gutiérrez: I thank God for giving me such a beautiful family -- one that we've built -- because we'll always be a family, no matter what happens.

AOL Latino: Why is it difficult for you both to talk about you and Levy as a couple. Is there a reason you've chosen not to?

Elizabeth Gutierrez: What happens is that the more we talk, the more the press tends to dig and sometimes invent things. So one just prefers to protect one's self and not speak so openly as we might've before.

AOL Latino: Do you imagine anyone other than William Levy being the father to your kids?

Elizabeth Gutierrez: No, no, no. Imagine; I see my kids and what a great father he is. He's someone who offers his kids so much security, love. He adores them, and he lives for them. I really couldn't ask for anything better than that.