What "The New America" Looks Like

Mun2 is airing a news special tomorrow at April 17th 3:30 PM EST/9:00 PM PST entitled The New America which showcases a variety of Latinos in the United States who represent our community.

From Latina magazine's latest cover girl Allison Iraheta to Mas Sabe el Diablo hottie Jencarlos Canela, the special does a wonderful job of highlighting up and comers who are doing their thing. Interesting facts about Latinos in the United States are peppered throughout the hour (like salsa outsells ketchup every year by $164 million!) but The New America really shines when it sheds light on those in our community who have been hugely successful in fields in which Latinos aren't usually shown.

Did you know that Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa went from working in the fields of San Joaquin valley as an illegal immigrant to the halls of John Hopkins University where he is now an associate professor of neurosurgeon, directs a neurosurgery clinic and heads a laboratory studying brain tumors? Or that Mariela Aguilar is one of two brilliant Latina girls on a science team that placed at the San Jose, CA Sciencepalooza science fair? How about Olivia Fuentes? She's an engineer for Lockheed Martin who helps design and run simulations for astronauts and counts Ellen Ochoa (the first Latina astronaut) as one of her most important influences.

It is these untold stories that really make this special a must-see. It's refreshing to see our community represented by those who don't normally get the kudos they deserve and it demonstrates the fact that Latinos are doing positive things for this country. As Maria Teresa Kumar of Voto Latino says “I think for too long people have been looking at Latinos as foreign. We’re not foreign—we’re Americans who happen to be Latino and we’re proud to be able to participate.”

Now we have to do our part and send in our 2010 US Census so that the government knows that we’re a force to be reckoned with!

Be sure to catch The New America on mun2, Saturday April 17th 3:30 PM EST/9:00 PM PST. Here's a sneak peek, featuring Cuban American actor and singer Jencarlos Canela:

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