Vanessa Bryant’s 15 Best Instagram Posts

Just when we thought Instagram couldn’t get any better, it took it to a whole other level. Just last week, the Facebook-owned company introduced a set of unique features such as video. But we’re not the only ones who are lovin’ the app. Some of our favorite stars love it too, including Vanessa Bryant! Here are some motivational posts by Mrs. Bryant herself. 

1. vanessa slide 02

Vanessa is always positive and helps her followers out with this pick-me-up message.

2. vanessa slide 01

This is one is for the ladies, by the one and only Audrey Hepburn. Vanessa passes on the message of what the true of a woman is.

3. vanessa slide 03

Kobe’s wifey is known for her posts of her and her husband, and she shared this quote for their 12th anniversary. Powerful!

4. vanessa slide 04

The Bryant’s have had bad media attention over the years but managed to keep happy. This quote she shared shows us why being angry is just a waste of time.

5. vanessa slide 05

Everyone has their preconceived notions of the Latina basketball wife but she tells us why we shouldn’t judge with this picture quote.

6. vanessa slide 06

“What matters most is the love, respect and compassion we show one another.” is in the caption. We definitely agree!

7. vanessa slide 07

This picture is clearly for the haters. Vanessa steers clear of the negativity and continues to be happy with her family.

8. vanessa slide 08

She loves her MLK inspiration! Spreading the love, Lady Bryant posted a quote from MLK.

9. vanessa slide 09

Vanessa reposts a quote from her sister, Sophie, which sure was one of her most popular posts with 10.6k likes!

10. vanessa slide 10

A popular quote from the one and only Coco Chanel, Vanessa shares this for all you unique women… Always be different fellow Latinas!

11. vanessa slide 11

It’s not easy living in the limelight. This is definitely a quote Vanessa and Kobe have had to follow several times.

12. vanessa slide 12

She can be original with the quotes too! Inspirational words from Vanessa herself.

13. vanessa slide 13

Better think twice before you judge this basketball wifey again!

14. vanessa slide 14

Don’t give up is the message behind this post! We have a feeling this was posted for her husband since it was posted back in December 2012, when the Lakers were having one their worst seasons.

15. vanessa slide 15

What’s criticism to a blessed woman like Vanessa Bryant? Nothing! Follow in her ways with this quote…