Exclusive: Allen Maldonado Talks Getting Punched by Tiffany Haddish on 'The Last O.G.' and Playing a Rapper in 'SuperFly'


If you've ever heard the term "Maldonado is Everywhere" it's because Allen Maldonado never stops. The star of the new TBS series "The Last O.G." supported series lead and good friend Tracy Morgan on Tuesday as he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Later that day, he took to his popular social media accounts to promote an all-new episode of the series, which airs Tuesday night's at 10:30 pm. 

"The Last O.G." stars Morgan in the role of Tray, a man who finds his neighborhood and relationship has been gentrified after serving 15 years in prison. Maldonado plays Cousin Bobby, Tray's last connection to his old life. 

Latina.com caught up with the California native to find out what fans can expect from his character throughout season one as well as his upcoming role in the "SuperFly" remake set to hit theaters on June 15.

The show really caught me by surprise because I expected it was going to be a straight-up comedy. But Tracy Morgan is very vulnerable in a way we've never seen him before. Do you think this will surprise audiences?

What I really love is that the show has a lot of heart. It features comedic performances from Cedric the Entertainer, Tracy, and myself. But there’s also a dramatic tone to it since we’re telling the story of someone who is coming out of jail and trying to reacclimate himself into society. It’s a story about second chances and I think that is the most important thing about the show.

This show is going to remind people why they fell in love with Tracy Morgan. This is his story and a lot of the incidents you’ll see were actual events that happened in his life or people that he knows, which makes it even funnier. It was great shooting it all in Brooklyn also because it really gives it authenticity.

Cousin Bobby is Tray's last connection to his old life. How will their relationship evolve throughout the season?

You’ll see a real family bond between them, they really need each other. Cousin Bobby is the last bit of family that was left in the world by himself after his brother passed away. The fact that they were able to find each other and help each other through life is so important to them both. They have each other’s back and are a support to one another. That’s what you’ll see from our relationship as it grows throughout the season.

By the end, there’s more of a father-son relationship that has developed thanks to the love and responsibility that we have for each other. We’re both growing together at the same time. So get ready to see more of Cousin Bobby as the season progresses. You’ll learn more about what he does and who he is as an individual. I can’t wait for people to see me play my older brother in the flashbacks later on in the season which is more dramatic than the other stuff I'm doing on the show.

We don't want to give away any big spoilers, but there's a hilarious scene when Cousin Bobby gets punched by Shay, played by Tiffany Haddish. Tell me what it was like shooting that scene.

It was very effortless for Shay to punch Bobby. Tiffany has a swift right hook! That was a fun scene to shoot including everything leading up to the point where she punches me. I want the audience to know that I do all my own stunts. The scene was shot about seven or eight times and we sold it. She did a great job.

So she really punches you in the scene?

No, Tiffany did not punch me in the face. It would’ve been funny if one would’ve gotten through. But no, no actors were harmed in the shooting of "The Last O.G.’'

You worked on this series with some heavy hitters. What was it like working with Jordan Peele, Cedric the Entertainer, and Tracy?

We are running with all-stars on the show and everyone that’s associated with the project like Oscar winner Jordan Peele, Tiffany, who is on fire right now, Cedric, who's a legend in the game, and Tracy who is an icon. For me, I’m just holding my own trying to stay at the same level as these individuals. I rise to their abilities, so working with them has been a blessing.

Has Jordan changed since winning the Academy Award for "Get Out?"

You know everybody changes when they get that Oscar. I don’t think we can even call him Jordan Peele anymore, he goes by J.P. now. It’s crazy, man. I’m just joking, he’s still the same. He’s always a cool yet low-key kind of brother. I don’t think that’ll ever change for him.

Before you get back to your busy schedule, what can you tell us about the "SuperFly" remake heading to theaters this summer?

I'm super excited to see how everybody responds to the remake of this legendary blaxploitation film. I think with did a good job with it. In it, I play a trap rapper named Litty and I look totally different. I have dreadlocks and tattoos all over my face. I’m can't wait for people to see me in this character.

It’s a dramatic piece for me, so I want everyone to be well aware that there won’t be jokes. It’s going to be intense and a lot of action. It’s sexy, it’s superfly baby.