Exclusive Video: Michelle Veintimilla's Firefly Causes Trouble on 'Gotham'


Michelle Veintimilla is suited up as Firefly and ready to bug Mayor Holden Pritchard (Peter McRobbie) on tonight's episode of "Gotham" titled "The Dark Knight: That's Entertainment." In an exclusive clip from the episode, airing at 8 pm on Fox, Firefly barely bats an eye as the Mayor offers everything from access to the police pension fund, safe passage, and money, in exchange for his release.

Too bad for him, not one member of the Arkham inmates are interested in what he has to offer.

We caught up with Veintimilla to find out what fans can expect from her big return as well as what this means for Firefly's future the remainder of the season.

We're so happy to see you're back this season! What's it been like for you?

It’s an honor and I’m feeling really grateful to be back. There’s no show on TV quite like "Gotham" so it’s exhilarating to be on those awesome sets, in my kick-ass costume, and working with the incredible cast and crew again.

What can you tease about the return of Firefly?

Bridget/Firefly has had an incredible journey on the show so far from being enslaved by her brothers to finding her allegiances within Gotham, which has all shaped her as a villain, but this season we can expect her to begin to realize what it could mean to be a villain of Gotham in her own right.

After watching last weeks episode, I have to say that it was so exciting to see the Firefly seated at the table for Jerome’s (Cameron Monaghan) “mandatory brunch meeting.” Representation is extremely important in Hollywood, and I was proud to see Firefly representing women in the Legion of Horribles. I hope that excites fans as much as it excites me.

What do you think Firefly was up to while she was not on screen?

I think every allegiance Firefly had made on the show up to now had backfired on her in one way or another, so while off screen she was most likely tending to her wounds, literally and figuratively, and trying to exercise autonomy for once, while scoping out what’s been going on in Gotham from afar.

We won’t see you again after this Thursday, any big surprises you can tease for the finale?

I can’t say much without spoiling anything, but I will say it is the most epic thing I’ve read on this show yet, and I’m excited to tune in with everyone in the weeks to come in its anticipation.

There are not a lot of Latinas in the comic book world and your role on "Seven Seconds" also really stood out. As a young Latina in Hollywood, what does it mean to you to play these types of roles?

It means that Latin women are capable of telling all kinds of stories and that there is room for them and their voices in Hollywood. We can play villains, as well as mothers, and everything in between; Latin women are capable of portraying all facets of womanhood without veering into stereotypes. 

Check out our exclusive clip below: