Designer Custo Barcelona Talks NYFW & Inspiration

Custo Barcelona Fall 2014 NYFW
Getty Images

We were invited backstage during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to chat with Spanish designer Custo Barcelona about his collection for Autum/Winter 2014. This season marks 17 years since the brand was first invited to show at New York Fashion Week!

Tell about the inspiration behind your collection this season!

"The inspiration was to follow the turn from the last collection into sophistication and refinement."

What are the fabrics you're using?

"We are using in the range of natural fabrics: wool and silk mixed with the latest technology in fibers."

The prints that you are using, what is the inspiration behind those?

"The prints, there are not many, we achieve in this particular collection the graphical work by patch working different materials more than printing, but there are still some prints. The inspiration of the prints are a little bit from ethnic going to urban."

How did you choose your color palette?

"The palette of colors we chose are by the traditional winter palette of colors: black, beige and gray mixed with vibrant colors and shiny textures."

How do you feel that your Latin heritage influences your designing?

"The heritage of the color. Latin people love and live with color with naturality and this is probably the biggest influence."

Do you have a favorite place that you love to visit?

"Latin America. I love Peru, Mexico, the Caribbean and Brazil, too."

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