Best Dressed, Week of May 12

Eva Longoria Parker, Gisele Bundchen, Selena Gomez and more…

1. Met Gala 5

Eva Mendes unveils a dramatic new hairstyle to go with a drop dead gorgeous dress—a study in draping. Love the bronze shoulders.

2. Met Gala 6

It’s hard to tell what’s going on with Fergie’s gown, but it looks evil and seductive, befitting the theme of “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy.”

3. Met Gala 10

Is that body for real? Gisele Bundchen continues to astound with her superfeline, angular poses. The updo is a fresh surprise, because we’re used to seeing her with long, tousled tresses.

4. Best Dressed050908-1

Top model Esther Canadas works her jeans and layered vest for a casual and relaxed afternoon with papa at a tennis tournament in Spain. Her daddy must be proud!

5. Best Dressed050908-2

Brazilian designer Carlos Miele threw a cocktail party with Vogue benefiting the Rainforest Foundation. Lindsay Price of “Lipstick Jungle” and Kim Raver from “24” showed up dripping in Carlos Miele finery.

6. Best Dressed050908-3

Selena Gomez is a true fashionista on the rise with her sparkly sandals and big hoop earrings at the Disney Channel Games in Mexico City. Minnie Mouse, watch your back!

7. Best Dressed050908-4

Eva Mendes gets no rest! Just two nights after the Met Gala, she’s back in another amazing evening gown. This time—sleek, black, and subdued.

8. Best Dressed050908-5

Adrienne Bailon at the Fashion Factory Boutique opening in Beverly Hills. She’s looking sharp in her high-waisted pencil skirt.

9. Best Dressed050908-5.1

Why does Nicole from Nina Sky have a rapper’s grill on her pretty face? Since she’s dressed cute, we’ll let her get away with it.

10. Best Dressed050908-6

Whoa! Mariah Carey lighting up the Empire State Building with her… uh, radiant smile. If anyone can pull off the pretty in pink look, it’s Mimi.