Best Dressed: Nicole Richie in Sweeping Florals

1. 080620.BestDressed.NicoleRichie

Nicole Richie's dreamy floral, voluminous dress channeled Stevie Nicks and turned heads all evening at the Women in Film's 2008 Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills. An even bolder move: Pairing it with snakeskin accessories.

2. 080620.BestDressed.Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes looks positively statuesque in this beaded, flutter-sleeved evening gown by John Galliano at the Crystal + Lucy Awards. Perhaps a harbinger of a big holiday trend to come?

3. 080620.BestDressed.Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, who won a 2008 Lucy Award for excellence in television, goes prim and proper with a classic white blouse and tightly nipped Alexander McQueen suit for the Crystal Lucy Awards. It's an austere look, but she wears it well.

4. 080620.BestDressed.CameronDiaz

Cameron Diaz pairs a summery, embroidered Oscar de la Renta dress with pointy red stilettos—it's a shape that never seems to go out of style— at the Crystal + Lucy Awards. Her matching red shawl keeps the look demur.

5. 080620.BestDressed.Thalia

Pop star Thalia is all confidence and curls in her super-girly outfit at the NYC press conference for her new album, Lunada. But the fierce open-toe platforms give the look a subversive edge.

6. 080620.BestDressed.Julieta

Julieta Venegas stops by the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square for the signing of her MTV Unplugged CD. Despite her adorable vintage chic, she looks like she can take some notes on posing from Thalia!

7. 080620.BestDressed.Daphne Rubin-Vega

Hair sleeked back and collar bones exposted, Broadway star Daphne Rubin-Vega shows off her lovely neck in this decadent ruffled gown at the 2008 TONY Awards.

8. 080620.BestDressed.Miranda

Arriving at the TONY Awards in NYC, Lin-Manuel Miranda looks good, but his girlfriend Vanessa Nadal is positively smokin' in that strapless golden dress with mixed textures!

9. 080620.BestDressed.NinaGarcia

Oh, Nina Garcia! We expected something so much more fantastic than your safe blue dress with little shrug for the Peabody Awards in NYC. This study in azure dullness fails to trigger the imagination.

10. 080620.BestDressed.AlanadelaGarza

Law & Order's Alana de la Garza reminds us that a sexy back is a terrible thing to waste: so show it off! She wears the hell out of a searing crimson evening gown with bedazzled borders at the Golden Nymph Awards in Monte Carlo.