EXCLUSIVE: JoAnna Garcia Swisher Talks Pregnancy and Baby Style!

Without much time to go before her baby girl makes her grand entrance to the world, the beautiful Cubana shares with us some of her go-to pregnancy pieces as well as her love for Gap Kids.

How has your style changed while being pregnant?

Actually, I haven’t shopped in a maternity store just yet, but for the most part I’ve been wearing a stretchier version of what I would wear in my normal life – jeans, tees, a leather jacket, and heels that aren’t as high.

Are there any pieces in your closet that you have been able to transition from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy?

All of my leather jackets. I’m obsessed with leather jackets! I have them in every color, so I’m happy I’ve been able to wear throughout my pregnancy.

I know you are having a little girl, what do you think her style will be?

Well, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I could put her in anything that I want and she doesn’t get to decide otherwise. But I’m anxious to meet her, so I can feel if her vibe is going to be funky or bohemian.

Are you enjoying shopping for her?

Definitely! I live at Gap Kids, I think they have the cutest stuff. I barely buy anything for myself, but my daughter has quite the collection.

What was your style like when you were expecting? Share in the comments below!