EXCLUSIVE: Herizen Guardiola Gets Down With True Religion As Their New Ambassador

True Religion

Herizen Guardiola is True Religion’s newest brand ambassador for their spring ‘17 "This Is True" campaign. The Los Angeles-based denim company is celebrating the individuality of their consumers by using different personalities from the music industry that embody the brand’s unique qualities. Guardiola, who is one of three artist featured in the campaign, is currently cast as Mylene Cruz in the groundbreaking Netflix series, The Get Down.

We caught up with the actress to chat about her experience working with True Religion, what fans can expect from her character Mylene this season, and much more!

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Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

How has been experience working with True Religion on their “This Is True” Campaign?

It's actually been really fun. It’s the first brand that I’ve worked with that has mostly been about who I am, instead of just The Get Down. It’s been really fun being able to express myself and talk about my music, and the things I really want to do going further in my career. It’s been really fun working with them. 

How would you describe your personal style?

It’s kind of like a punk, hippy vibe.

You’re currently on the show The Get Down. For fans that haven’t watch the mid-season premiere yet, what can they expect from your character Mylene?

She definitely blossoms into a butterfly in this next season. There’s a lot of out break moments. She is really becoming who she wants to be and really takes that leap into her career. Not selfish, but really motivated to make her dreams come true.

Part 2 of the show is already a huge success, has there been any talk of another season?

I’m not sure yet [Laughs]. I’m waiting to know as everyone else is.

We know you’re currently working on new music, what can people expect to hear?

My music is very different than what [people] hear me singing in the The Get Down. I kind of have my own style. It’s really inspired by electronic music, trap, and EDM. It’s a lot of hard-hitting base. My voice is very sultry and soft, but then the music just goes hard. There are a few songs that are really calm and choppy, but I don’t have a genre. I don’t want to put myself in a box. I like so many types of music, so I am influence by it all. 

Being Cuban and Jamaican, how do your roots influence your music?

I would say some of my songs do have like a one-hit beat that a lot of reggae songs have. I grew up listening to it, obviously. I’m definitely inspired by it, you can hear it in some of my acoustic songs, but I listened to all types of music growing up. Growing up with my dad I would listen to classic rock, reggae, and doo-wop. With my mom, I listened to a lot of chanting and classical music since she’s a Buddhist. I wasn’t allowed to listen to hip-hop. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV either. I was influenced by older types of music.

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Are there any excited projects that you’re currently working on?

Right now, I’m really focusing on my music. I do have a couple of projects in the workings. I’m going to wait to share that one. [Laughs]

The Get Down Part 2 is streaming now on Netflix.