10 Times J Balvin Reminded Us He is the Ultimate Fashion Icon

Besides being a worldwide superstar, J Balvin is known to be a bit of a style icon. From casually strolling the streets in a trendy pink jacket to rocking a shockingly new hair-do, the 31-year-old is always trying to push the limits of fashion. In honor of J Balvin’s stylish looks, here are 10 times the Colombian reggeatonero showed us he is the ultimate fashion icon.

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1. He is a hair chameleon:

When it comes to his hair, the reggeatonero is not shy of drastic changes. The singer, who has pretty much dyed his locks every color in the rainbow, is always looking for the next new hue for his ever-evolving look.

And if you ask us, we’re totally dye-ing over J Balvin’s teal and dark blue hair!

2. He isn’t afraid of some jewelry:

Although the idea of men jewelry is often associated with rock stars and actors like Johnny Deep, J Balvin has definitely made it a trend of his own. From dangling earrings to oversized rings, the singer loves to incorporate jewelry to match his edgy look.

3. His shade game is strong:

J Balvin is a true believer that sunglasses are an integral part of every man’s outfit. While most men would opt for a simple pair of aviators, the singer is constantly pushing the limit of gender fluidity in fashion. Just look at these super chic John Lennon-inspired sunnies. They're definitely a fashion forward piece.

4. He always knows how to stay sharp:

Yes, J Balvin is known for his eccentric looks, but he also knows how to clean up. The “Ginza” singer can often be seen rocking a suit at red carpet events for a more casual, trendy style. 

5. He loves his dose of pink:

While the Colombian singer can effortlessly wear a suit during a red carpet event, he can also confidently rock pink. The heartthrob loves embracing the color with fashion forward pieces, like this pink sweatshirt paired up with white denim pants.

You know what they say, “real men wear pink!"

6. He knows how to rock a badass bandana:

Bandanas might be a thing of the ‘90s, but for Balvin they're timeless. From rocking bandanas with a normal t-shirt to pairing them up with a leather jacket, the Colombian superstar is definitely giving this decorative piece a comeback. 

7. He knows how to embrace the wild side:

There’s something super sexy about a man who can wear animal print. During this year’s New York Fashion Week, the singer sported a daring leopard printed bomber jacket, paired up with a t-shirt and black pants. 

What can we can, J Balvin, meet us in the wild side!

8. He is BFF with a lot of designers:

You can’t be a style icon without being buddies with multiple designers. For Chanel’s Métiers d'Art runway show back in December, J Balvin was one of Karl Lagerfeld special guests. 

We wouldn't be surprised if the singer is chosen to model for Chanel in the near future.

9. He knows how to mix prints like a pro:

For most of us, mixing prints is a fashion catastrophe waiting to happen. However, Balvin can somehow make it look like he didn’t get dressed in the dark. From stripes to polka dots, the singer has mastered the art of mix & matching.

10. He was named ambassador for New York’s Fashion Week Men’s:

The 31-year-old singer became the first Latin artist to be selected as an ambassador for New York’s Fashion Week: Men’s. Although el colombiano has previously attended fashion shows, Balvin said he was "honored and thankful to be partnering with the prestigious CFDA as one of the men's wear ambassadors for fashion week. My interest in fashion is only matched by my love for music and I'm blessed to be given an opportunity to learn about some of my favorite designers from a firsthand look at their latest collections."